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Kenneth Tirone, DDS, provides the latest technology available in dentistry today.

Dental technology can increase patient comfort, patient education and improve efficiency in the dental chair. Learn more about the dental technology we use in our office.

Soft Tissue Laser

The Diolase Plus™ Dental Soft Tissue Laser is a surgical device that treats the soft-tissue area of the patient’s gum line. It is designed for a wide variety of oral soft tissue procedures, including crown lengthening, treatment of gingivitis, treatment of canker sores, frenectomies and helping fight bacterial build-up that leads to gum disease.

The laser may be used at your cleaning appointment to help us eliminate tartar or bacteria to give you a deep clean, without the discomfort of metal tools scraping on your gums. In most cases anesthesia is not required, but if you are sensitive or feel any discomfort please tell us. We want to make your visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Digital X-Rays

With digital x-rays, tiny changes that may be unnoticeable to the naked eye can be caught earlier and more clearly. Digital radiographs (or x-rays) allow the image of your teeth to be electronically sent directly to a computer where the image appears on the screen—no more waiting for the film to be developed in a dark room. The image can then be stored on the computer reducing the need to utilize film or paper. In addition, digital radiography reduces radiation by as much as 80 percent. Not only do digital x-rays benefit you by exposing you to less radiation they benefit the environment as well. In addition, our office offers panoramic digital x-rays so we can view the entire mouth area – all teeth on both upper and lower jaws –on a single x-ray.

Intraoral Camera

Seeing is believing. Using an intraoral camera, we can take a painless, no-radiation digital picture of the outside of the tooth so you can see what we see and fully understand the condition of your teeth. These pictures allow us to spot problems such as worn-out, defective fillings, fractured teeth, decay, bleeding gums and plaque. This is especially beneficial for patient education so that our patients are fully aware of the recommendations we give and why we make them.

Guru Education Software

We firmly believe that informed patients are the best patients. That’s why we are proud to introduce Guru Education Software—now available in our office. Guru is a teaching and education system that provides a truly interactive experience for patients. This system enables our patients to research and find out about treatment recommendations, helping them learn about and see procedures in action. Guru lets us do our own “show and tell” so you get a full understanding of your condition and can make informed decisions about dental treatments.

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